Alirosa Fashion bags

Italian Fashion Art opening

Alirosa Fashion Art is an art project, developed from Italian artist Anna Laura Millacci in collaboration with Art Hub , who seeks to create new synergies of expression through the interaction of different artistic genres. The result is a brand that tells the art through fashion.
Between art and fashion 
Anna Laura Millacci trying to find a new way to bring art in everyday life of women. she experiment and analyzes the forms of dialogue between these two worlds Art and fashion. The results is a contamination, overlays and collaboration that give life to the art, bringing it out from the painings fixed on the walls and giving it a new kind of life as usefully and unique objects to wear precious art an art piece. Items to wear but differents from the standard market where every piece is conformed in all the world.

In which art and life merge referential or drifts ever fall into clichés. She designed her NEW Alirosa fashion art collection with a pure and universal message of love, an exhortation to always act with respect for the beauty and colors of nature, as a message to respect themselves and others and as it repeats the same artist: Be who you want to be. " Follow your heart and your art ".

In modern life inlink between fashion and art is dotted with countless examples of success and mutual inspiration between the two worlds. The classic way and most widely to concretize this constraint is represented by the printing and transposing a two-dimensional work as the canvas of a painting in the reproduction of the same as printing on fabric.Anna Laura Millacci want to do more using real painting and gold leaf on canvas . instead of printing and reproduction art on fashion she prefer using real mixed media painting with hers unique technique that she use for her art, now she realised fashion that seems to be real artworks, unique and rare to wear.
The added value is not just to be able to own an artwork at an affordable price through a medium (fashion) that allows us to expose it to the public by wearing it, but also to be able to choose how to wear it
. Anna Laura Millacci and Alirosa can customize your dress or fashion accessory with the art do you prefer. If you want, you can choose to ask to customize your personal dress or bag, we will delight to do it with the art love.